How to Add Author to WooCommerce Product- Part 2

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In the previous post of this series we have seen how to add author to WooCommerce products using Dashboard. The Dashboard UI enabled us to select an Author from the Dropdown List. Now that WooCommerce product is updated in database with the Author assigned to it, We will see

How to Display an Author on WooCommerce Product

I’ve already covered How To Display Recently Added WooCommerce products on Home Page We will use the same code in this post, i am re-posting that code here with slight changes, such as, I removed the ‘Add To Cart’ button from it.

We are going to use the below function to get the Author Name. The below function will return authors Display name, so make sure you set it right.

Below is the code to

Display WooCommerce Products with Author name on it

Please comment below or send me an email on if you have any questions or issues for the code.

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