How to Add Author to WooCommerce Product- Part 1

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We will learn how to add author to WooCommerce Product in this post and we will do this using code. I have been managing several Woordpress-Woocommerce sites. In few cases I’v came across a situation where I wanted to assign an Author or Product Vendor to the products. For example if you are selling courses online and you want to show your students who is the teacher of that course.

Our objective is display products like below on home page.

You need to add below code in your themes function.php file

I prefer to write all the woocommerce related code in a separate file named wooFunctions.php in inc folder in root path of your theme and then make the file required in functions.php as below :

Refresh the product page now. You will see something like below. You will have to select the Author from the dropdownlist.


Update the post and your Author is updated into the database. In next post we will see how to get the Author name on your woocommerce product.

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