How to connect remote server using SSH

There can be many reasons you may need to access your server from the local machine, such as accessing git or any version control system, uploading or downloading some files from the server, performing any administrative task or running a shell script for automation.


You can do that using a terminal if you are on linux or using a command prompt if you are on windows. Using SSH (Secure Shell) you can connect your remote server securely. The below process is common for both windows and linux systems.

    1. Go to your website’s cpanel. Under the SECURITY section click on SSH Access,click on Manage SSH Keys.
    2. Click Generate a New Key, the following page will be shown. Now you need to create new password. you will need this password in the process later.
    3. Now the public key has been created. Click go back. you will see the list of public keys. you need to authorize the public key. Now click on Manage and then click on Authorize.
    4. You will notice that the private key is also created. In the private key list, click on View/Download. You will see a page like below.
    5. You need to convert the private key to ppk format. Just provide the password you created. and then download the key. Navigate to the download directory, you will see file with .ppk extension.
    6. Run the below command in a same directory

userName is your cpanel username. The terminal/command prompt will ask for password, provide your cpanel account password there and your connection is made now. Before running the command make sure you have ssh installed, if not you need to run the below command.

Please comment if you face some issues,  our team would love to hear from you.