How to keep your computer busy

Hello everyone,
I am back again with an interesting utility which will help Automation tester,developers or any other enthusiasts.
Working as an Automation tester sometimes we stuck in an ugly situation where our machine gets locked frequently, the default timeout period differs from company to company, but whatsoever this situation is very annoying.
I myself got frustrated and decided to do something which will keep my machine busy, there are many applications available over internet which will not let your machine sleep but if you are working in an organization then you wont be able to download those applications due to restriction of the proxy we have in MNC’s.
Hence i made a small java application which keeps your system busy.
Here is the code below:

In the above code we are pressing keyboard’s scroll lock key and then releasing it.
However, if you are working on Excel sheets then this may cause interruption in your work in that case just replace [KeyEvent.VK_SCROLL_LOCK] as [KeyEvent.VK_NUM_LOCK] or [KeyEvent.VK_F15].
Pressing F15 does nothing but if you are working on putty then it may cause some issues when you copy paste something on putty screen.
So, it depends on you which key you want to press so choose it wisely.

Here is the GUI version of the code:-

Make a Jar file of the code and enjoy troubling your system by not letting it sleep.
Thanks everyone..!!