Remove Grouped Product Price in WooCommerce

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WooCommerce Grouped product is a type of product where you can sell multiple product at once, for example an e-learning website, selling online video lectures for different subjects. But what if people want to buy a whole semester, they will have to buy all subjects individually. WooCommerce Grouped Product solves this problem.

Grouped Products price is shown in a range by default. Suppose there are 5 subjects in the Grouped product, price ranging from $100 to $500, so Grouped product price will be displayed in that range but what if all your subject price is same, then the grouped product price will be shown only $100. Thats bad but you can remove the price from the woocommerce grouped product with below code. Add the code to your themes function.php file.

You can see below, I removed Price from Grouped Product. These are the bunch of courses to sell online. CS Executive All Courses and CS Foundation All Courses are Two Grouped products.



You can also change the price range format with below code

Please comment if you come across any issues.

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