The requirement for the skilled REST API testers is increasing as many large technology companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter has their API’s written using REST. With this REST Assured Tutorial you will be able to level up your skills in API testing.

rest assured tutorial

Also Large financial institutions invested heavily on building their systems for customers using REST API. Which also increasing the demand for API testers. This REST-Assured tutorial mainly focuses on REST API automation and testing, HTTP technologies, Service Oriented Architecture and a little use of Postman.

Rest-Assured is a java library, which will help us in testing REST API. Using this library we can automate sending the HTTP request and validating response. There are lots of API testing tools in the market with huge license cost. Many organizations are migrating from their expensive API testing tools to REST-Assured library. REST-Assured is open source and also free to use library. The library is constantly getting updated with new features and integrating many features which are required in testing the API, such as testing JSON and XML responses. You dont have to parse them after you receive the response.

Who will benefit from this Rest Assured Tutorial :
  • Manual Testers who wish to learn Automation Testing.
  • Automation Testers who wish to learn SOA(Service Oriented Architecture) testing.
  • REST API testers who want to test their API’s using Open source and free library.
  • REST API developers who want to perform Unit testing on their API’s.

Pre-requisites for this tutorial :
You just need to have basic understanding of Core Java, throughout the course I will explain everything required about REST-API, http methods, XML, JSON. If you feel more explanation was required at any point in the course, please post a comment on a post or write to me at

What you will learn from this course.

Please let us know if you would like any additional topic in this Rest Assured Tutorial, our team will work for you. You can drop me an email on

Happy Learning…!