Setting up environment without Maven

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Here we will discuss how to configure your environment without maven, how to setup a rest assured without maven. If you are not familiar with Maven, you can download all the jar from below link.
Download REST-Assured Jars

But I will encourage you to use Maven, the greatest benefit you will have is, when you copy your project to any other machine, you dont need to copy all the jars for that project, you just copy the project directory and maven will take care of other things.

Once you download the file from above location. Extract the downloaded zip file to your favored location.

Now open Eclipse – File – New – Project – Java Project. Name your project and click Finish.

Right click on your project in Project Explorer – Build Path – Configure Build Path.

Click on Libraries tab – Add External JARs…

A window will be appeared like below, i use Ubuntu, my desktop appearance may be different from yours if you use any other operating systems. But the directory structure in Rest Assured folder will be same. Navigate to the location where you extracted your REST-Assured Jar files.

Click on all the jar files you see on your screen, click OK. You will see a window like below.

We are not done adding the files yet. You need to navigate to each folder in the rest assured  folder.

Again click on Add External JARs…Navigate to any subfolder shown, select all the jars in it and clik OK. Now click on Apply and OK.

This way you need to add all the jars available in rest assured folder and its subfolders too. Below is the list of all the jars added. Please verify if you have all of them. If you miss any, some of the code may not work. Dont worry if you added extra zip files or any files accidentally, that will not break the project. Just ensure you are not missing any of the below.


Congratulations you successfully created a project without maven. Please drop a comment below if you face any issues in the setup. We would be glad to help.


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